Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Guess what?? Im offically 'P' lisens already!! Can drive freely!! XD Now what?? Lets race!!! XD

3/3 for the course exams.
17/20 for the on the road exams.

My results are pretty darn good.. i think.. well but not as good as my brother. He got 19/20 for on the road. Simply amazing.. sheessh.. but nvm!! Pass then can already la! XD So, who wanna be the first victim to sit in my car?? XD

i have to say.. the exams is pretty darn easy. i thought it would be hard but after the whole thing i find it kinda easy. A short 2 hours can finish the whole test! XD

Okay enuf about my driving lesens.. lets not talk abt it until i got my own car and can driving around freely.XP

Something happenened at home today.. its pretty much shocking.. and i was like sad for that short time.. this is what happend.

My doggie, Jasper love to bark and chase gas trucks. So today afternoon, Jasper's chain suddenly break off and he go chase the gas truck which just pass by our house. Coincidently, my house door was not close shut thanks to my stupid maid. So my dog ran out from the house. My maid shouted and she did nothing!! (like i said, shes stupid) so i ran out of the house and chase him.

After a few minutes of searching.. no sight of Jasper. After that i can feel my leg burning. I just notice that i didnt wear shoes and just run out of the house. I quickly run back home and wear my shoes. My dad help me to look for the little fella..

As the day turns sightly darker.. i start to worried.. Jasper never walk alone in the dark before. As i remember that he use to be afaird of the dark when he was young. I suddenly felt sad.. come to think of it.. i never thought what will happend if Jasper is gone? (choi) I walk home and just pray that dad found Jasper.

I reach home suddenly i saw the small fella got tied up already! Looks like dad really found him! I run towards him and scold him a little bit. Then i hit it a few times.. but i just cant take it.. in the end i hug the little fella..

'Dogs are Men's best friend'
AMEN to that!

Well i was sad that time only.. but something made me happy!!! XD

My old best friend, JunJie finally talked to me!! 8D Well its been awhile ever since we last talk but for that 1 hour of chatting i knw more abt him already! start to catch on a littel bit. X) Well it looks like JunJie has been alot more mature ever since we last meet!! X) Im still the old naughty and lazy yuming..

So fast its been 2 years ever since we last chat or met. Time really flies.. cant believe that we grew up sooo much compare to the days when i was still in that old 6E class. XD But still, JunJie is still JunJie. His still a good friend of mine. If we can talk and meet each other more, his still my best friend. X) Honestly.. What am i saying.. his still my best friend!! XD

So many things happend in such a short time. XD Well that life!! Live on to the Max!!! i bet i cant do that.. XD

My anger towardes you is still not fading.. not even one bit..