Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friday Best Day

I think that in all the holidays.. firday was the best holiday ever!! XD Let me tell u the whole story..

Morning i have to wake up at 8.00am just to open the door cause we have tuition at my house with WeiSoong, Rachel and Megan. It turns up En.Rajh came late and it turns out the tuition started around 9.30am. =.= But no worries at least he came and teached and decided to replace the class. XD

We are having fun doing tuition until around the last 40mins we take a LONG LONG break.. thanks to En.Rajh showing us some card magic tricks. XP Then WeiSoong played along with some of his LAME-ASS tricks. XD Spend the whole time doing some OBSERVATION.. XP

That afternoon, Nat decided to drop by and play a little bit of Monster Hunter with me. Turns out we didnt kill much monster but only chameleon, 2 kushala daora and kirin. We tried to take down fatalis together but end out dying even knw we stagged it a little bit.. proven.. fatalis is the strongest monster in MH2G. XP

Thanks to SweePie, my monster hunter character is better now. GreatSword kinda rocks if you knw how to use. XP Draw Critical rocks.. Rajang is hard but the armor rocks.. now i got everything except DaoraThickScale.. shit.. i need help..

After spaming monster hunter with Nat, we decided to go Tropicana city since Nat told his parents to go to tropicana city to meet him. X) We went to arcade for FUN but it turns out Tropicana City's arcade improve at!! 8D Got Para-Para ady!! XD Spam all the way!!

I saw Kamen Rider toys for like Rm8!!! They only sell Decade, Kabuto, Ryuki, Kuuga and Blade. Ish... no Faiz.. plus its random get one!! (cause its all in the ball ball) XP I wanna get ady but too bad i got no money.. sobs..

When we wanted to leave Tropicana City, some Myfm crew come and call us to play some games. We got revive drinks for free!! 8D We can win more price if we answer questions. So i decided to join.. I won RM10 vaulcer, RM150 vaulcer for Malaysia Travels, A Taiwan made bag, and JUMP keychain and also the best one.. a RM20 Touch'N Go Card!! 8D Lucky me!! XP

I went home and i went dinner with my dad and sister.. My sister driving!! 8D My sister can drive and waaaaaayyy better then me but just that my mom just dont trust her skills la. =.= Lets just say she doesnt really trust all our driving skills... so do i, i dont trust my mom's driving skills. XD

That night was good.. i sleep soundly.. and listen to Haru-Haru again and again.. X) Im getting 'in' to the song.. without my mom at home always is a good day. X)

(I cant put colour for my post cause im using the laptop. Very mafan.. XP I will re-edit it next time la. XP)

Bye~bye larh! XD