Monday, August 24, 2009

Haru Haru

Haru Haru = Day by Day

Trails are coming and im not nervous at all.. and the worst part is im not really studying yet. (but still i did study la) This is not going well anywhere.. im going to die first.

Im going to be sitting in the dewan for exams. Its like my first time in my life!! D8 I dont really like sitting in the hall.. and i believe everyone agrees with me. First is because its hot, second is whatever noise you make people will stare at you, third is wanna cheat also hard arh!! XD But there are people around me to teman me. Tarvin infront, WeiSoong behide, ChengWi and Celine on the left, CheeKen on the right. XD

Holidays is not like Holidays to me.. its feels like HELL!!! I need to go out.. most importantly.. I need to drive!! XD Im being lock up at home.. doing nothing.. no PSP.. no computer (except now).. Only got Music and Guitar to support me only.

Why suddenly Haru Haru??

My brother is more of a korean music kind of guy. So introduce to me this famous band called Big Bang and their song known as [Haru Haru] I find that this a very nice song and its very touching as well..

Very meaningful MV.. Love it..

Well nothing much really happend these days.. so i guess thats all.. X)

I dunno why.. but im sad...