Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Little Something

Dragonica is starting to get fun or issit just me.. im getting real lifeless.. thats what Nat says.

I played Dota with my friends. Shock?? Flipped? Well yes, i was really bored that time so i have a quick game with some pros and cons. XD Well the first match was like AllPick, i choose my fav, Viper. XP But got owned by Undying.. the second match was FUN!! AllRandom, Dark Seer. Pawned!!! Haha.. was fun. XP

Ow, heres a video of WenJun. Well i found it in youtube.. so i decided to promote his video. I have to admit, his video is kinda intresting. 007. XD

Like i said, "someone" gonna to die.. is either me or that particular person. (read the last post to be quite understand.) If you dont get me then nevermind... XP Chao!!

Im not happy..