Friday, August 7, 2009

Lets See...

I got typically nothing to do or nothing to say. cause i do nothing but just playing guitar and dragonica (yeap, im playing back that shit again) XP Computer got pincoded (new pincoded) and also PSP not here. X( Tough luck..

Well lets see.. My driving are doing pretty well right now. Still got mati engine la but of course seldom. XP I doing everything fine and uncle is okay with it but just that now.. i got problem with slops.. get me?? I find it very toublesome.. You'll understand once you drive

I went for driving like JUST NOW. (20 mins ago. XP) and this time uncle left me in the car alone!! I driving alone!! At first i was a little bit scared.. but then uncle forgot to turn off the radio (usually he do) so i got chinese music to chill me down (great..) all in the sudden "Love Story" came out. 0.o Now that really chills me. I hope during exams i can hear music while driving (and singing) XP

Lets see.. school day.. Well nothing much happend.. I do my work, Be a good boy in class (konon-nya), kacau Rachel and WeiSoong, and sleep~ Oh ya, now i remember!! Pn.Kwang switch our places!!! D8 from WeiSoong, i got change to sit with Bryan. Its not a bad place, its waaaaaaaaaaay behide the class (thats the best part) Celine then sit at my place. XP

I suddenly got intrested with the song "Fearless" by Taylor Swift. (all thanks to weisoong). I got a song now.. so?? GUITAR!!! XD I've learn the song.

Today is my beloved little sister's b'day!! Guess who??


Im soooo MIA in sunday school.. sooo many things happend!! especially the awesome performance which im not in. Ish.. For once.. i feel left out in sunday school. All thanks to mom. X( But Suelyn cheered me up through sms. X) So dun worry~

I just notice, jasper is already 8 yrs old!! D8 I really dont know! Well the little dog which was brought back is finally 8 yrs old!! And still so small size.. and skinny!! Only the fur makes it fluffy. But that why i love him. X) The only one in my house who understands and listen to me. The Si Pende Jasper Boy. (to those of you who dont knw, Jasper is my dog. XP)

Im brainstorming.. brainstorming how to get to play Monster Hunter without letting brother knw. Ish... Damm.. Is like genius gimmick (me) vs genius genius (bro) long story short, is like L vs Kira in Death Note.

Toodles~~ XP