Sunday, August 16, 2009

another 3 hours..

Okay im not in school!! XD Well lets post a little of things just to make me not so nervous.. XP

Lets see in school they are problaly having maths or add-maths.. i forgot. XP Well me im at home looking through the net and downloading NDS games. XD

Yesterday i find tons of people just to make me not so nervous for today's exam. First was Suelyn, then Vanessa, then PeiYin. XP Yeap i knw.. all girls..

Suelyn wanted to make me not nervous.. but it turns out im the one making her not nervous cause she putting bracers already. XD

Vanessa never fails to make my confident boost! XD She said that if i failed she will give me 10 time slap. o.O So i cannot failed! XD

PeiYin, she called me all in the a sudden. I wanted to stick with sms but she called. Well she did TRY her best. XD I apperciate it very much.. XP

BUT there are some boys! XD This boy come out from no where and wish me luck. Chian Yoong! XD He wish me cause i wish me and told him the same few weeks ago when he have his driving test. XD SweePie wish me just now. XD Thanks guys. XP

Youtube, Youtube.. watch kamen rider and i found this funny video.. You have to watch if your having driving exams like me. It will make u laugh until u forget everything! XD

Think this is funny?? Wait till you see the next one. XD

LOL!!! Funny as hell!! I love this one la!

This next one is not funny but i find it intresting to share. XD

Im cooling myself and chilling myself with some guitar and music.

Currently listening:
You belong with Me -Taylor Swift-
Thats not my Name -The Ting Tings-

Current learning:
No Boudaries -Kris Allen version-
The Show -Lenka-
You belong with Me -Taylor Swift-

Im in to 'You belong with Me' by Taylor Swift. Especially the video. XP

Shes extremely cute in this video. X)

Im ready! Im ready!! I think..