Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lets see Friday

Thursday was good.. friday is just a little bit screwed up.. XP heres what happened.

There was accounts test that day.. i was 0% ready.. nothing in my head!!! I was wishing some one will help me. X( Turn out no one.. Celine teached me a new technique.. when ppl do accounts, we write essay!! XD In the end i made a short 'essay' for En.Beh. Celine wrote a few as well. XD Hilarious..

Moral suddenly have test also!! D8 Now memang have to write essay already. XD Nvm moral was okay.. i actually wrote some good points. XP Well lets just home i can barely pass la. X)

Went home and got nothing to do.. nothing at all!! Well i got bad news la.. My Brother broke his leg again!! D8 There was no car accident, just a fall from the staircase. It was pretty sad.. everytime i head him walking with his tongkak, i will have a short 'flashback'. Just sad..

Now im kinda nervous as my driving exams are coming very very near!! Is like in another 21 hours then my exams starts ady!! D8 I kinda screw up a little bit while training.. i need to rasuah already!! I thought i dun need to but now i comfirm need!

YUI Tan is bored cause none of its new video are on youtube. Yes, there are no new videos of my covers on youtube yet.. its not because of exams, its because of camera. My camera spoilted already. Shit.. or else i got tons of new songs to post on youtube one.. ish..

Everyone is in love.. how i wish i could be loved too. X)

I still hate you..