Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dont Think that Your Great

Im really really and finally and offically 'P' License already!! Well i pass the test but if i dun have my license i cannot drive one.. so so so.. i finally get my license already!!! But i still think my 'L' license looks better.. XD

There day accounts tuition today and coincidencely, Apple (SuetPing) came for tuition.. she can drive.. so i ask her whether i can use her car to drive home anot. (we live pretty near each other) Kindly, she let me drive!! 8D After 1 week of driving.. my driving skills sucked ady.. ish.. But still i drove save back home and nothing happend. XP Mayb its because its a kancil that why i can drive so smoothly.. (im use to driving kancil)

After tution, My brother let my drive home from Bomba to my house (nearer then my tuition place) But i was drive and huge ass proton. im not used to the serrounding.. thus the car is faster (i think..) I sucked more that time.. my brother scolded me a few times.. i cant even do a prefect reverse parking at all! D8 I need more pratise.. seriously!!

So, the moral of today is.. Dont think that your great!! Look at me.. pass exams so what!? I still cant drive prefectly!! Not just driving, in everything else as well!! Example.. in monster hunter, dont think that u killed the monster means your are good in monster hunter. XP

Dont sit my car yet.. people.. serious!! Wait until i train until pro ady. XP