Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nice Guys Finish Last

"But behind the scene, the means the world to me. Wanna tell that shes beautiful and show her that shes loved. Hold her hands when shes scared, tell her how much i care. But that wont win her heart because nice guys finish last."

-'Nice Guy' sang by Chester See, KevJumba and Nigahiga

Oh you havent heard the song before? You should listen, its a pretty funny song but the song totally make sense. Especially for desperate guys who wants to pick up girls. XP

There are some nice version cover for this song, you guys can go check it out some around youtube. Its a pretty nice song after all. XD

I dont mean to be rude but that actually very true. But this doesnt only apply to girls, some guys are also very very picky when it comes to girls and the same thing tend to happen for guys too.

Im just saying that if you meet someone amazing and he/she is treating you amazing and unusual from the others, think about it cause he/she could be the one. XP


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