Sunday, October 9, 2011

9/10/2011's Moon

I was loafing around facebook.. slacking.. and i found out alot of people are talking about the moon on 9/10/2011. The post about the moon even came on twitter and the post just kept coming. All of my friends are all talking about how amazing is the moon and all.

At first I was like. "I just a moon.. big woop.. I've look upon the sky kazillion times. What kind of beautiful moon they have on the sky, I've seen it all."

But then the post about the moon just keep coming and coming and coming. It was like over spammed. I got kinda fed up, so i stood up, get out from my room, get out from my house and look up into the sky just to see how amazing this moon is.

The moment i gazed upon the sky and look at the moon, I reaction change and I was like "whooooaaaa....." Yeap, i was stunned. The moon was a different from any kind of moon i've seen in my life so far. The moon was amazingly bright. So bright that it formed a big ring around the moon like a halo. It really was an amazing moon.

The moon is soooo amazing that I almost turned into a werewolf! XD

Its a weird and rare phenomena for the moon to look so amazing. Maybe after looking at the moon something good will happen? XD (sadly, nothing good happened...)


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