Sunday, October 23, 2011

Janice & Sonia at CHC

Hey guys, did i mention to you guys that Im going to see Janice & Sonia again on sunday? Okay let me repeat myself, yes, I went to see Janice & Sonia again on sunday and its all for FREE~ XD

The event was held at a Church in Subang Jaya called City Harvest Church. Me and my sister woke up early in the morning and drove all the way down to Subang Jaya just for this particular event.

I was very excited cause i cant wait to see them again. As i heard there was another autograph session with them there. If im lucky, I will be meeting them again and get to have another picture with them! 8D That would be amazing..

But im prepared to expect the worst situation that could happened. Like i mention, the event is for FREE.. so there would probably be 200+ people attending for this event. Im pretty sure that would be the amount. And cause of that, the autograph session will definately be cutted short. I really pray that such incident wouldnt happened. DX

When i reached there, the place was already kinda crowed. Around 100+ people are already there waiting in a short line. Me and my sister quickly lined up and wait. But like i say, this event is free and there are definately cheap and desperate people like us wanted to get the best place. Therefore, sure there some badass people trying to find ways to cut line and all.

Luckily for me and my sister we manage to get a pretty good spot. Its not too near but not to far AND not to middle as well. XP

The hall was packed.. like SERIOUSLY pack. I was expecting 200+ people but i believe there are about 400+ people there. DOUBLE the amount that I was expecting. But surprisingly, the hall can fit all of us. XD

This is just one of the four side of the hall. D8

The event started with some christian songs. What can i say about Christian song? They sound amazing. If you dont focus are the lyrics and all, the music doesnt sound like a christian song at all. There are accoustic, piano, drum, base and all. Thats one good christian band they have there man. XD

Its pretty awkward for 2 loyal buddhist to appear in a Christian event where they have prays and all. Me and my sister are trying to get involved with the Christian thingy but not too involved to the extend that we forgotten about buddhism. Owh, i was christian for 3 long hours just for Jayesslee. XD

Finally Jayesslee came on to the stage!! The started of with some introduction and some refresh from their last night performance. (Too bad i didnt went.. cause I heard tons of funny stories there. DX)

WOOHOOOOO~ *the crowd goes wild*

And after that, they invited us to be part in their JayessleeTV video. All we have to do is when they say 'Aussie' we say 'OI!!'. Simple as that.. and next thing we know, we are in their video already. XD

They performed two songs. 'Rocketeer' and 'Dare You to Move'. Like always, their live performance is amazing.

Rocketeer cover by Jayesslee

After their Rocketeer there are some Q&A for them. If you continue watching this video you can know how they figure out they have such beautiful voice and how they started putting videos on youtube. XP

Dare You to Move by Jayesslee

A picture of them while they are performing.

After that, they left the stage and we have a lecturer/talk about some christian thingy. Something to do with HOPE and all. They fella explain with his own personal story for the H.O.P and lastly for the E they invited Janice and Sonia out again to explain.

Janice and Sonia sat down and told us their own personal experience story about their mother. The story was touching.. very very touch. They were so young and they went thru so many hard times.. But god has really blessed them right now.. blessed them with such a wonderful life after that. You know what they say, no pain no gain. X)

Janice and Sonia sharing their own personal experience and story..

Here link of a song that they sang about their mother before she died. Its a korean christian song and they sang beautifully. So beautifully that it touched my heart to the extend that I was about to cry. No kidding.. X')

Their would of advice for their fans and all is.. 'Live like theres No Tomorrow'. A really good advice and I will always keep that advice in mind. XP

After the performance and the sharing experience session with Jayesslee, they proceed on with more Christian prayers..

Soon, the event ended and we head out to have the autograph session!! WOOHOO~ XD

Like i said earlier, there are about 500+ people.. So you can roughly guess how packed the line is for the autograph and photgraphing session. The moment i walked out from the hall, there is already a pretty long line waiting outside already. I just carry along with the line.

Later on, when more and more people started to come out from the hall, the line is starting to go out of control. Alot of people are pushing around and cutting lines and all. The security there are having problems controlling the crowds. For that moment, I like pity the securites there. They are not really those big sized, tuxedo wearing, mafia looking security. They are just normal christian students. I went up to one of them and said 'You guys had a long and hard day.. but good job guys.' Yeah, it made me feel like christian that moment.. XD

At first, they allow individual photograph session with them. but due to the amount of people there, they asked just to form a group of 3 people only can take picture with them. I was like.. dammit!! but luckily for me, i found two nice guy who are willing to add me into their team. We collected rm5 and we took a picture with them. We even got a hard copy of it. XD

Taadaaaa~ Will be getting the hardcopy from one of the fellas soon. XP

During the whole show until the autograph session, Gabriel was busy calling and texting me asking me to get him an autograph for them. I cant at first as they only sign their shirt only. But after that, they are selling a random note book for rm10 so u can collect Janice & Sonia's signature. I sacrifice my one and only 1 item signature to get a Janice & Sonia signature for Gabriel.

Yeah, the autograph has his name on it but extra 'le' behind the name. XD

And thats the end of my chase for Janice & Sonia weekend. It was a great an awesome weekend for me. And of course, an amazing experience. This is actually the first time im actually going all out to meet some celebrity that I really really like. I totally went all out for this two girls. That shows how important and how much impact they gave me in my life. X)

That night, my sister found a picture on facebook.. and this what she found..

Yeap, me with Janice & Sonia (and the two strangers) HD mood! XD

Oh wait.. Lemme make the picture looks much better. XD

Me and Sonia. (I still like Janice more.. XD)

After 5 days in Malaysia, Janice and Sonia AKA Jayesslee finally head back..

I hope that they had a great time in Malaysia and I really hope they come back and perform again. If they really come back down, i will surely do the exact same thing again. No matter what. X)

Their last picture in Malaysia..

Heres a video of their last day in Malaysia..

Cute arent day? They say they will TRY and come back next year cause they want to. And the end of the video, is very very cute. basically the whole video is cute la. XD

Hearts Janice & Sonia.

My weekend is over.. I guess that means Im back to my stressful, hardcore, boring, programming life.. Oh well..

Like what Sonia said: 'Live it Like No Tomorrow.' X)


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