Saturday, October 8, 2011

Its in Private Now

Hey guys, if you guys are actually reading this that means you guys have been approved to read my blog as long as you are logged in with the email or gmail to blogspot. XP

Some of you guys are probably wondering.. its been 5 freaking years this blog has existed.. Why all in the sudden private it? o.O

The answers are very simple and very reasonable (okay, maybe not really reasonable but hear me out okay? XD)

If you guys actually noticed, I receive tons of spams on my cbox from other websites asking me to visit them and subscribe to them all. Im starting to find it annoying.. so if I private this blog, none of this unnecessary cbox message will appear on my blog. XD

Next, I have sorta a conflict between me and somone, I talked about that person and turns out that person reads my blog. That person figured out that i was talking about that person. Apparently that person misunderstand-ed what I was saying and that person made a whole mess about it. In the end, i have explain and apologize for his misunderstandings.

Due to that, I cant talk about anything personal in my blog all because that its on public. Im a human too man, I got some steams in me as well and I gotta let it out. And since I dont have anyone around me to share, blog spot is the only place that i release out everything I have to say. Privating it is probably the only way that I can let my steam out and not have misunderstanding with other people.

So yeah, these are part of the reasons that why im setting my blog to private. Hope you guys understand. X)

Oh, to those of you who have blogspot yourselves, feel free to click on the follow button on the left side content bar of my blog. (Below my cbox, above my friends links) That way you guys can get updated on your dashboard whenever I updated my blog. I will really appreciate it if you guys to follow me. X)


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