Thursday, October 27, 2011

Facebook Tag Fun

Just a facebook tag thingy i found which i think will be fun to do. XP

Like always, i avoid being the kind of person who simply spam their status (even know i am that kind of person) I will be posting my results and answers here. XP

The rules are just very very simple..

Tag the first person of each letter you get for different countries. The countries name are already given, so all i have to do is just search for the person's name appears when i key in the first letter for the country. Then just to some little comments after u tagged the person and all. Sounds fun eh? Alright, lets begin~ XP

Like always, i like to do things alittle bit different since its blogspot. So i stole some of you profile pictures and paste it them here. XP (If you guys want ur pictures to be taken down, do tell. I will do that immediately)

I will travel..

Korean with Lim Kai Shin
-Never really been to a trip with you. This should be interesting. XD

to China with Qian Lu Chai
-Your probably gonna be the whitest china girl there la. XD

to Japan with Jin Hwei Ngu
-I hope you can speak japanese cause i dont.. if we really go, we probably will get very very lost. Oh well, it should be fun. XD

to Australia with Alex Teoh
-Jom jom, kita cari UOW at Aussie punya! XD

to Brazil with Saiful Bahari
-I wonder, why and what the hell are we going their for? Maybe for some Magic the Gathering tournement or something. XD

to London with Yan Leng
-JOM!! JOM!! I always wanted to travel some where overseas with you. This should be fun~ XD

to Zambia with Zhenpei Hoh
-I dunno wheres the place but i hope you do or else you will be damm paranoid about it. XD

to France with Bryan Fong
-You know any dancing moves that is related to france? Teach me then we combo pick up girls. XP

to Dubai with Denzie Cheah
-Again, why and what the fark are we going there for? Probably for Jayesslee la. XD

to Spain with Suelyn Ng
Come come we go find foods in spain and makan banyak bayak like zhusss! XD

I repeat if you guys really dont want your pictures to appear here in my blogspot due to some personal issues, please tell me asap. in facebook, twitter, skype, sms or anything. I will remove it immediately.

Thats all for now guys, really have nothing much to post about these days.. cause its he same all thing over and over again. DX

But still.. like what Sonia said: 'Live life like there is no tomorrow'


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