Thursday, October 13, 2011

A New Dog AGAIN!? D8

Yeah, like what i said in the title of this blogspot.. I have a new little puppy. Yes, another new animal besides Oreo and the retarded ferret (Panda) XD

His a one month old and his nameless.. Like nameless.. we have no freaking Idea what to name it. We are thinking about something that is related to Oreo like Brownies, Cookies, Chipsmore or just Chip. My brother just think that we shud just call him 'No Name' XD

yeap, his another black little doggie. XP

How and where this doggie come from? I dont really know the full story on how this dog is here at my place but what I know is that my mom's friend got this doggie and he/she doesnt want it. My mom fell in love with this dog's cute-ness and decided to accept him into our family. Simple as that.

New puppy having a staring contest with Panda. XD

New puppy fell asleep.. Awwwww... XD

His sleep on my bed now!! Nooooo~~ XD

Okay, some of you are probably thinking "Awwww... you got a new puppy at home. So nice.." Nope. Its not nice at all. It maybe cute but to me its a problem.

To be honest, my whole family dont really like Oreo anymore. My brother and sister are more in love with the ferret than Oreo. My mom likes Oreo but still she doesnt care about him. My dad doesnt really like having animals at our place cause no matter he thinks is a problem although he does has a side that he cares for them. XD

SO basically, this new dog is gonna get the attention from all my other family members. Then whose gonna pay attention to Oreo? I am.. but im not free 24/7. All thanks to my uni life. DX

Plus, Oreo is the jealous kind of dog. No kidding. Ever since that ferret existed at my place, Oreo wants our attention more and more. And with this new doggie around, that is going make him more jealous. And if you think about.. its sad for Oreo. Trying to get attention from his owners but they just dont really give a damm about it. Its really sad. X(

That is why i think this new puppy here is going to be a problem.. DX

Oh well, just gotta learn how to live with it la...

Okay, so after 3 days of thinking, we finally gave it a name. Well not we. My maid actually gave it a name cause she is the one taking care of the new puppy at night. So, my new puppy's name is 'Baby'. Yeah, it totally suits the little fella. XD

So, I have an Oreo, a Panda and Baby. XD


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  1. i'm loving the collection of animals in your house! =)


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