Friday, October 21, 2011

Happiest Man for the Day

The day was 21 October. A friday.. The day where all weekdays ends and the pre-day for weekends. But its also the day where it became the happiest day in my life so far. XP

It the day where Im going to the Curve's Rock Corner to meet Janice & Sonia. Yes, the two beautiful and cute popular youtube singers are coming down to Malaysia to give an autograph session and a concert performance the next day. Yes, im going to meet them. XP

I skipped one hour of STATS class and drag along two of my uni friends who dont really know them along with me to go see them. I tried asking kazillion people on facebook and twitter but their reply was not sure or maybe kind of answers. So yeah, Ashwin and Eugune got dragged along. Ashwin became my photographer for the day and Eugune became my driver. XD

The time that we arrived at the place was a little bit too early.. okay, it was really TOO early. XD The autograph session was 8pm and we arrived at 4.30pm. The first thing i did went i arrive there is buy the Jayesslee T-shirt for rm80. Yes, its extremely expensive just for one plain T-shirt. But with this T-shirt i get to meet them and talked to them. Fair enough. U dont really get to do that if u go for the rm120~rm150 concert! I think..

After that me Ashinw and Eugune went around the curve and Ikea to hang around. Went to Animal safari to look at some fluffy animals, popular bookstore to look at free comic books and game store to look at ppl playing games. XD

After that 6.30pm I immediately call to head back to rock corner just incase the there are some crazy fans (like me) are already stand there waiting for them. When we reach there, there are people who are already waiting there. But just that they are not in line.

Most of them there looked young. Like high school kind of young. So i guess they are kinda shy to stand infront and wait first. Once the line was setted up for the fans to begin lining up, none of them are moving. Ashwin and Eugune are like.. "screw it, Klex go stand in front la!!" They pushed me and walah, I was FIRST in line. XD

First in line~ Weeeee~ XD

Once I stand infront of the line, everyone start to stand along as well. (see what i mean about shyt? XD) Then we waited.. wait wait wait..

There was this dude who came all the way down to the Curve from Cameron Highlands just to meet up with them. I was really impressed and I totally respect that guy. The main reason why I respect him so much is not because he came all the way down from Cameron Highlands, its because his a handicap and he came all the way down by bus and LRT. Let me remind u guys that he came alone!!

I gave him the first line spot since it was such a hard thing for him to come all the way down. I talked to him alittle more and his going back to Cemeron Highlands tonight and come back all the way to KL tomorrow and see their concert. This guy totally earns the first spot and totally earns my respect. This shows how BIG of a fan he is. XP

While waiting, all of us are watching Transformer 3 that is showing in the Rock Corner's again when i first arrive at the Rock Corner at 4.30pm earlier. I saw Ironhide died 4 times, I saw a pink bumblebee appear 4 times, I saw the chinese dude got killed by the transformer bird 4 times, i saw Sam's hot girl friend coming out from the card 3 times, I saw Optimus Prime got mad at the humans 4 times.. All of those in that ONE day. XD

After waiting for 2 long hours at that exact same spot.. everyone started shout all in the sudden. And finally, here comes Janice and Sonia thru the escalator!! 8D XD

There they are~ Janice is excited but not as exicted as Sonia. XD

After Daniel (owh yeah, i forgot to mention the handicap guy's name. XD) is done with his moment with Jayesslee. It was MY TURN~ XD

I went up, introduce myself to them and like always they are like. "Whats your name again?" (Yes, i use the Klex card. XD) After that we had some conversation. I ask them how are they doing in Malaysia and all they are doing fine and they said they like our food!! (1 point to Malaysia~ XD) I shook hands with them and took a picture with them.

And thats how I became happy after so long. XD

Shook hands again, wave bye to them, took my signed t-shirt and ciao-ed. It was seriously one of the happiest day for the whole year. I was so happy that i've forgotten how is like being this excited and happy again since uni is killing inside out. It certainly was a great day.

Jayesslee T-shirt with their signature on it~ XP

If you see this cloth hanging in my room wall, do come and ask me for the whole story for that day. Cause i can repeat this story over and over again. XD

And if you ask. No, im not going to wear the shirt. Not ever, but just not anytime soon. Unless Im going to see them again. XD


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