Friday, August 3, 2012

Words of False Hopes

This has nothing to do with the blog post but it look soo emo that it kinda suits what im about to talk about right here. Okay, im putting it here cause it adorable. XD

Back to the main topic here.. So, does the title sounds familiar? Maybe the name Chris Medina rings a bell? Or the words "What are words if you really dont mean them when you say them.."? You guys have probably enough clue on what im about to talk here. If you guys dont, please go youtube and search for the song 'What are Words'. Thank You. XP

I always tell myself dont trust sweet and comforting words from other people.. Sometimes i dont even trust if the words are coming from someone who is close to me. Cause those words are usually and almost never true to me. (that is just my opinion) Like someone said "I miss You.." or "Nice talking to you." I just dont feel the sincere-ilty unless the person who says it actually proves it. If you cant prove it, i'll most probably give you the "Yeah.. right.." impression. How are you going to prove it? Honestly, i dont even know myself. Im a pretty demanding and picky person. XP

Sometimes it doesnt really need to be nice and sweet words, normal words will do.. Okay, normal words are too general.. Narrow it down, agreements like "Will talk to you again soon" or "Lets do this more often." or "I'll see you next time." or "I'll call you soon." or "I'll make it up to you" (i can find these kind of examples all day) These kind of words gives me the "Yeah.. Right.." Impression as well.. cause usually those things just dont happen.. Some people just dont say mean what they say!

Believing in these kind of words usually just brings false hopes. Cause you would actually expect something in return. Like for example, if the person says "Will take to you again soon.." and you'll be silly sitting down at the corner everyday, staring down at your phone, telling yourself, "He says his going to talk to me again.. im sure he will talk to me soon.. soon.. soon.." and after that, you wait and wait and wait and wait.. in the end, the fella really didnt talk to you anymore. Hopes crush, Lost Trust and BOMB thats how drama happens. XD

I dont blame anyone or anything neither am I pointing fingers cause sometimes, even i do that too. (chehhh..) You cant please every single person who exist in your life. You dont wanna spoil them of course! Plus, we are already in our age where things starts to get really really busy and all. Some of us are already working and some of us, like me myself is too busy with uni stuffs.. there is really no time to catch up and all.. Sometimes, we just gotta be understanding..

But still, words is a power weapon.. People who are sensitive (like me) will totally buy in to those kind of words at desperate moments. Sometimes, the little soft and desperate side of me just wanna take in those words and believe in it.. And when i take those words in and give myself the jolly good time of having false hopes (sarcasm), of course i will feel freaking depressed. But I just gotta blame myself for buying into those nice and sweet words..

Stupid enough.. I keep waiting and waiting and waiting..

But that doesnt mean that you dont do what you say okay!? Dont take advantage of understand people! Like what the song says.. "What are words if you really dont mean them when you say them?"

If I ever did do something like that.. I hereby apologize to any of you.. and HOPEFULLY, i cant make it up to you guys. (please dont believe in my words.) I might have been one of the victims but when i say things that really comes deep down from my heart, i mean it.. its really up to you whether you wanna believe it or not. X)

Im getting really tired and if some of you guys are starting to lose interest or starting to not understand anything that im bloggin about, i totally understand.. cause sometimes, i dont understand what im writting here as well. XP


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