Friday, August 24, 2012

Before going Back to Hell Again

*I know this post should have been uploaded MANY MANY days but i've been really really busy/lazy so didnt have the time to edit and complete it. XP*

Maybe some of you dont know cause i never mention on my blog post before nor did i mention anything on my facebook. I only mention it in my twitter but no body cares anyways..

I have been on a holidays for about a month and a week long and right at this moment i am back to hell again. (Hell meaning my uni.. XP) Im expecting for my upcoming hell adventure again to be definately more and more difficult coding subjects. (hopefully its not.. DX)

That means i will and most probably spending lesser time at my blog spot already. And this blog is going to be dead for awhile.. BUT like i always say my twitter account will always be active cause of my portable handphone and plus with my PSP around i can simply just go online anytime as well. X)

So what did i really do on my holidays? I actually did alot of things compared to my previous holidays. I would say that this holiday that i had was kinda, productive. XP

The first and of course the BIGGEST thing i did during my holidays working.. I did workings when  i was on other holidays but it was never a committed working. The jobs that i work as on my other holidays are usually events which is usually like one to three days long. And the event jobs I do are usually not with my friends but my brother's friends who are way more cooler, elder and mature than me. (sometimes i just feel lefted out. XP) The work that i did for my recent holiday was really a committed job. It was like a everyday you have to show up to work at 8am in the morning and go back home at 6pm in the afternoon kind of job.

Before i go any furthur, i wanna thank my good old friend Choo-Zhen Whei for inviting me for this job and Lim Shu Mei for accompanying us as well. The job was fun with their accompany, the pay for the job was pretty darn good, not to mention the things that we have to do are pretty easy, which is some simple data entry stuffs. Plus, the snack that are provide there are delicious as well! We get to have like free milo, marz, snickers and cookies sometimes! The working time is very flexible as well. It like you can take a lunch break as long as you want but the draw back is that you dont get paid for the time that ur not around cause we are getting paid by hours. But that didnt affect me much anyways cause i usually dont have anyone inviting me for lunchs anyways.. Sometimes I think the job is a little bit too good to be true cause its aweseom! XD

Another thing that i did was having my very first high school reunion. Now, there was a high school reunion before these which was held after we got our SPM results but wouldnt consider that as a class reunion cause it was like not long after our SPM exams and everyone just started their college life and all. (some of them havent even started yet) I would actually call that a high school class dinner or a high school before college dinner or a high school farewell. But what I had for my recent holiday was really a high school reunion. X)

The last time i saw any of my high school friends before the event was at least a year ago. (plus plus plus) I did meet someone of them when i was helping my dad in the pasar malam but that was an on and off thing. I dont usually help my dad in pasar malam that often. Besides ever since Im in my uni days, I seldom and almost literally dont help my dad in the pasar malam already.

So, what can i say about the reunion? One word.. AWESOME. Meeting up with everyone else is just nice. About a quarter of our classmate show up but the ones that showed up are the awesome ones. We all sat down, chat and update each other while waiting for the other classmates to show up, chat even more when everyone arrive and was eating. We had alot and alot of updates with each other and also had alot of flashback talks like making impressions of our class teachers and telling stories of how we are the most hyper active class back when we are in high school. Those moments are just awesome.

I have a confession to make.. Everyone became beautiful.. Both guys and girls. XP

Had a Group Picture of our Hamster Impression. X)

After dinner at (i really dont remember whats the place called.. crap.. DX) we head to SK corner to have another hang out session. Then we had more and more and more chatting session. Lastly, after the supper time at SK we head over to Celine's house to play with something known as 'Chat Roulette'. It like skype where u can video chat with a RANDOM person who is online but like i say ur chatting with any RANDOM person who is using Chat Roulette that time, then u can click the next button and look for another person. Warning: You will see alot of nasty things on Chat Roulette, so highly recommend none open minded people to use it. XP

We did alot of extremely funny things with Chat Roulette. But im not going to expose anything that happen that night on Chat Roulette cause whatever happens there, stays there. (Its nothing serious.. Trust me. XP) Had alittle bit of chat session again, play poker cards and some youtube watching moments.. Finally, we all head back to back at around 3am in the morning. Totally worth it. X)


So, High School Reunion and working.. what else did i do on my holidays? Lemme share to you a little fact about me, i never been to a friend's farewell, to be more specific its more send a friend of kind of farewell. Yeah, like you go to the airport, had dinner there and then watch the fella enter the air and fly.. yeah, that kind of farewell. It was my first time attending a friend's send off. XP

A friend of mine, Montri have to travel over to france to pursue his studies there. At first, i was not even close to the fella back in the days when i was in the same high school with him. All i know that he was this very funny guy who is studying in a pretty smart class. Those were my impression of him.. until i got skype and joined the group FOP (Fellowship of Pie), he was a extremely funny guy who is very out going as well. His always the 'jom lets go' guy in our group. What does that mean? Our FOP group may have alot of members but we all have our own busy times, so its pretty difficult to gather up people to do something. Lets say we are going to play a game and we need 4 people to make a full team, he will definately be one of them and say 'jom lets go'. Or lets say we are going for dinner, even know he had dinner already he will still say 'jom lets go'. Basically anything we do he will always be there to join us. X)

He might be there in France temporally but there is also the possibility that he might be there forever. So on the day that he was leaving to france, me and my other FOP friends decided to get him a last final farewell send off. Me, Tarvin, Nathanael and Chris drive all the way to the airport station. We had a farewell dinner together and it was fun talking about the things that we all did in the past like going out to mcd playing board games until late night or shouting and scold him on how noob he is in HON or sometimes, once in a blue moon compliment him on how well he in in HON. XD

Even know i've only known him pretty much recently, but it sure feel like there was a connection between both of us. After the dinner, we all head to the send off point and watch him walk thru the gates. Once Montri offically went off, we all are deciding to what to do next. Go for supper session? Go and play board games? Then, it got quiet.. cause it doesnt feel the same anymore.. Without another 'jom lets go' buddy around, it feels like we are short of one person. Calling people out to makan or play baord games is even more difficult cause Montri was usually the 4th member.. It was just not the same without him.. X(

It was my first and ever friend's farewell send off.. the feeling of sending one of  feels horrible (imagine the person ur sending off is a girl or someone you really love, it would definitely feel much worst.) but there was a little bit of proud-ness inside of me. Knowing that one of my friend is going all the way to france to pursue his studying, it a pretty big leap for him and as a friend im very proud of him. Not to mention all the hot france chicks his going to meet there. XD (he promise to get me one.)

No worries, the bastard is doing just fine over on the other side. Once in awhile he will call us thru skype to check on us. Sometimes, we use a pad which has skype and video call him during our events just to make him feel that his still right with side us. Plus, even know we cant play HON with anymore we can still play stupid Warcraft maps with him online. XD


During the holidays and around the last week of my holidays after i finish my work, one of friends invited me to this very unique event. Its a flash/freeze mob parade to spread Breast Cancer Aware-ness organized by HELP students. (awesome~) Basically, its a parade where there will be like a marching group of people cheering and spreading breast cancer around Pusat Bandar Damansara area, then we will find a specific location around the area and do a freeze mob session. Now, i've done some flash mob and freeze mob, they are really fun to do!

Whats so special about this one is definately the parade marching thingy. We all have to wear pink-ish stuffs like pink shirt. And here is another little fact of me, i NEVER wore pink shirt before. Like NEVER in my whole entire life. Okay maybe i did.. but I never remember once which i WILLING wore a pink shirt myself.   That day, was an exception. They provide us with the pink ribbon name tag which represent the breast cancer aware-ness thingy and they provide us with pink gloves. One of the students (also one of the organizer) went all out, he wore pink wig which was super awesome. XD

The parade was pretty fun, we march and cheer around the area like nobody's business. And it a really nice thing to do. People notice us and ask what are we doing, we will spread papers around telling them what we are doing and putting up signs telling people about breast cancers and stuffs. it was fun!

For the freeze part was alittle bit short and alittle dissapointted. Maybe because i've been to alot of freeze mobs which was better than the one i had. To me the freeze mob that they had was alittle bit.. disorganized.. its like they are rushing and all. But still, everything went good. X)

Overall, the event was a success. I believe everything including myself had fun. It was a pretty good day to go back to visit HELP and meeting up with some of my juniors and friends. Its has been awhile since i last feel this much fun. Looking at others jumping around being hyper and all, sorta reminds me of me and my hyper active HELP friends back then. Ahhhh.. Those are the days, and probably the best days of my life so far. X)


I had alot and alot of basketball session too during my holidays.. It feels like i was in high school again, the days when i was sooo into basketball that i literally go to basketball almost everyday. But now since im older, i will always try to limit myself to not injured and tired myself that often. So during the holidays (even not during the holidays) I will go play basketball with my younger cousins at the basketball court behind my house like about 2 to 3 times every week. Sometimes, i even promise to teman them and practice their shots with them. (such a good cousin brother i am. XD)

Im not very sure myself but alot of people think that im a very well played player. Like one of the top 10 players of the court behind my house. (fuiseh, perasaan~ but this is true, thats what they all say) My cousins also look up to me and say that they wanna be as good as me next time in the future. Those words really made me happy. Now, the main reason why I THINK im so good is because im can really really jump, rebound and slam dunk. They say im the ONLY person so far that i could slam behind the court. That made me alittle happy inside, cause when i was young i knew that i can jump cause many of my basketball friends told me so but i can never jump to the extend that i could slam dunk. After so long, i was finally able to do so and that just complete one of the many childhood goals in my life. XD

Since now my good old basketball friends are not around playing basketball with me like old time already, i've been playing basketball with new faces. Some of them are adults and most of them are kids. Well not really kids, like form 2 or form 3 or form 4 and some standard 4,5,6. Playing with them is hell alot of fun cause they are all nice people. Some of them are students from my high school, some of them are married and still love playing basketball, some of them are work in the morning market like my dad and some of them are christian who will come and play for fun after that sunday prayers. As for the kids, seeing them playing basketball is like seeing me growing up and play basketball. The kids may lose right now since they have some slight disadvantage but i told myself that these kids are going to good players in the future. Yeah, its like how my old basketball friends look after me and train me till how I am today. X)

Now that ONE freaking long post. Its been awhile since i last done one of these blog post.. So, basically these are the things that i did in my holidays, and its pretty productive. Half of the things that im talking about here is also my little stories and opinions as well.. Just wanna jumble all of them together in one blog post so i wont have to blog another one of my first boring emo opnion blog post. XP

Alright, hopefully that im not too lazy enough to blog about something else again.. seriously, i was 'this' close to forgetting that i have a blog post. amd its scary..DX XD


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